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Passive Income is the Outcome.

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A message from the EarnHub Team

What happened?

We have found a minor issue with the AnyFlect system which has the potential to ruin the token after some days of working. We have identified the issue and are working on a fix.
Nobody likes a flawed contract, and nobody likes losing money, for…

Please stay tuned to our Telegram for updates

By Almighty Rover — EarnHub CMO

Nobody likes failure. Nobody likes losing money, and nobody likes a token with bugs.

Additionally, nobody likes when BSC is working slowly, and sadly this was the case today. BSC experienced an ATH in transactions, which had a huge impact in our development process…

Where Passive Income is the Outcome

By Almighty Rover — EarnHub Chief Marketing Officer

(TL;DR at the bottom)

The Future

SafeEarn started from humble beginnings, innovating right off the block and creating something a community of crypto enthusiasts and investors believed in. A brief history includes creating the first token to reflect in another reflection token, a relaunch…

Devs introduce the newest team member and professional actuary + more news and updates.

Summarized by White Goodman — EarnHub Community and Project Manager.


▶️ What is an Actuary? They are math magicians who specialize in financial risk assessment.
▶️ Calculator being optimized and will be released soon
▶️ APY/APR difference: APY takes into consideration the effect of compound interest (eg: staking EarnHub for Cake…

By Sputnik McGavin — SafeEarn/EarnHub Marketing Manager

*Note — This piece is written as an editorial where personal views are expressed. Though facts and updates throughout are true, this should not be perceived as financial advice.*

Atime of contempt is among us — A contempt for fiat, for banking, for hoarding pieces of paper with indefinite value.

SafeEarn x DogeWarrior Partnership AMA Summary

Summarized by White Goodman — Administrative Lead, Project Manager

- What are RBLOs? This is our revolutionary volume driven staking platform. You will be able to stake Safearn to earn DogeWarrior. …

SafeEarn x EverRise Partnership AMA Summary

Summarized by White Goodman — Administrative Lead, Project Manager

On Sept. 1, SafeEarn invited EverRise into their Telegram to talk tokens, and their upcoming RBLO partnership.

Here are the highlights:

- EverRise to become an SafeEarn RBLO Staking pool partner and SafeEarn will take part in the EverOwn program.
- EverRise’s main core mission is…

SafeEarn’s first set of reflection-based liquidity offerings

Compiled by Safe Mousse — SafeEarn Community Manager and
Sputnik McGavin — SafeEarn Marketing Manager

*Numbers reflected in this article are accurate as of Sept. 1, 2021*

We’re getting ready for our next big adventure, and we want everyone to join us! Stake your tokens to start diversifying your portfolio…

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