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I just bought SafeEarn, where reflections?

By Safe Mousse — SafeEarn Community Manager

When to expect them, and how they’ll accumulate -

“How long will it take for me to start receiving my reflections?”

This is a common question that we get from most new SafeEarn investors. Unfortunately, there is not straightforward answer.

The moment you buy, your wallet gets added to the list of holders. The SafeEarn contract goes through this list one by one, checks their earned Safemoon balance and sends it on to them if the balance is greater than a certain threshold.

The threshold makes sure that the contract does not spend all its BNB in gas fees by sending a miniscule amount of reflections each time.

Sending Safemoon to a wallet costs up to 45 times as much as sending BNB and this needed to be weighed into the final reflection system of the SafeEarn contract.

The contract does this roughly once an hour. However, due to solidity limitations, it cannot cycle through each holder every hour.

Each hour it moves through the list of holders and continues the next time from where it left off.

If it skipped you once because your reflections did not exceed the threshold, you will have to wait for the contract to cycle all the way back to you before it can send your Safemoon.

This is why it can take anywhere from 1 to 4 days (or more if your bag is very small) for your reflections to show up in your wallet.

“But how do I to see my reflections?”

That’s where SafeEarn dApp comes in. One of its core functions is to allow you to keep tabs on how much Safemoon you will get in your wallet when it reflects.

Just go to the SafeEarn Dapp and connect your wallet to see the Safemoon balance. Reflections can also be claimed manually if you want to cash it out before the contract to sends it automatically.

“It’s been five minutes since I bought and I see no Safemoon. Where reflections?”

Don’t fret!
You won’t see your accrued Safemoon right away.
The tax that the contract collects from buys and sells is periodically swapped for Safemoon tokens, which is why you’ll periodically see the same transaction amount of Safearn being sold in the charts to the same wallet.

When this swap happens, reflection balances of all holders (including you), gets updated. And that is when you’ll start seeing reflections on the Dapp.

Still confused? Hop on over to our Telegram page, where our community members will be more than happy to help you out.

Let’s safely get back to the moon, together.

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