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Space Notes — Monday, Oct. 18 EarnHub Dev Update/AMA

Summarized White Goodman — EarnHub Community and Project Manager.


▶️ Team expanding, added 2 new members to the team. One is an actuary (math wizard). Other is a developer
▶️ 3-month anniversary. 15k holders, 194k transfers. 1800% increase in price since launch
▶️ 20th Oct: Update to dApp staking dashboard ft. current pool APY rates, chart, and profit calculator
▶️ When Safemoon reflections are turned off on Oct 20th, this does not mean reflections will be off forever. We are developing an update which will allow each holder to decide which token they will want to receive as reflections!
▶️ Presale platform. Aiming for a mid-Nov release. 1 presale at a time, will be thoroughly curated by our team
▶️ Rebranding delayed until dApp Pro Earnings dashboard release. Will display previous earnings/projected earnings. Release date to be announced
▶️ 3 new staking pools on 20 Oct: Useless, Cake and Flavors BSC (launching Oct 22nd). Having 3 staking pools will increase the staking rewards to our holders
▶️ Useless (https://uselesscrypto.com/) including our token within their dApp release
▶️ Flavors BSC (https://flavorsbsc.com/) presale 19 Oct and launching 22 Oct
▶️ Youtube influencers, reddit post/website adds, hyping and prepping for rebranding (with the dApp ‘Pro Earnings’ dashboard release)


Q1: What will the tax be following the removal of Safemoon reflections?
A1: 2 options we are looking at: Keeping the taxes as they are and divert the Safemoon reflections to the RBLO staking. Or remove the Safemoon reflections from the tax all together. Still to be determined.

Q2: When it comes to the blue-chip staking pools, how are the rewards calculated?
A2: We do not want to share the exact formula and risk having it copied. Ultimately it takes into consideration the pool allocs, the total allocs, average weekly trading volume, RBLO tax, how much you staked and total value locked in the pool. It is a very complicated formula.

Q3: Are gas fees going to be lowered on the 20th and do you have any plans to include a EarnHub reflection token as a staking pool?
A3: In the future we plan to release a function to allow each holder to choose what they want as a reflection token. Gas fees when staking/unstaking will be much cheaper following the removal of Safemoon reflections.

Q4: Will we be able to reflect or earn EarnHub as a reward?
A4: Yes, we are able to open a staking pool to earn EarnHub. We are waiting for a special partnership before releasing this feature.

Q5: Any exchange listings upcoming? How would being listed on an exchange affect our RBLO staking rewards?
A5: CEX exchanges are very expensive and require the liquidity to be supplied. At this time we don’t believe it is worth the cost/effort to be listed on a CEX that potentially won’t give us the best return (volume wise) for our project.

Q6: What are the current APYs?
A6: APY for BNB: 144.5%, DOXXED 123%, Safemoon 150.7%, and SafeAffinity 167.7%.

Q7: Will the profit calculator allow me to estimate how much I could earn if I staked a certain amount of EarnHub token?
A7: The profit calculator will allow you to estimate your current profits based off how much you currently have staked and will feature a modifier to see how much you could earn based on how much you want to stake.

Q8: What do the allocs multiplier mean on the staking dashboard?
A8: They define how much money the pool receives from our taxes. The amount of rewards you receive in a pool depends on how much you staked, how much TVL is staked, and the trading volume.

Q9: Is the token name going to change?
A9: We are re-branding the project name to EarnHub, we are unable to change the token name as it is written in our contract.

Q10: When the RBLO staking pools purchases our rewards and while waiting to be sent to the stakers, do the tokens accumulate reflections based on their tokenomics?
Q10: Yes, they do. You are able to see this by clicking on ‘pool details’ -> ‘pool contract’. As of now we can not access those tokens, so in essence they are burned. In the future we hope to develop a function that allows us to collect the reflections on the rewarded tokens held in the staking pool contracts and send them to the stakers.

Q11: Any in-depth stat tracking data being developed?
A11: Not currently, but as the team expands and we add more features to the dApp we intend to add this feature to the Pro Earnings dashboard in the dApp.

Q12: Will we be able to jump between pools without unstaking/staking?
A12: It is a function in the planning stages. In the meantime, with the removal of Safemoon reflections, gas fees are going to be greatly reduced and will alleviate the issue between entering/leaving pools.

Q13: How does the moonshot buyback work?
A13: It is manually used and has 2 functions. First is an auto-boost feature which uses multiple smaller sized purchases. Second is a single massive “Moonshot” purchase which increases token price/market cap and provides a giant green candle on the chart.

Q14: Thoughts of staggering the pools so they don’t all end on the same day and any chance to have a pool with a previous partner?
A14: We prefer to keep the pools synchronized which is easier on the team to manage/track, but could absolutely do this in the future. To answer your second question, we have formed great relationships with our previous partners and yes, we would be open to doing this again. Although our priority and intention behind the RBLO staking partnership pools is connecting with other tokens and their respective communities, which allows us to offer a wide variety of tokens for our holders to receive as rewards.

Q15: With Flavours BSC pool being greyed out until the 22nd, will the other pools receive the rewards?
A15: Yes, the Cake and Useless staking pools will receive all the rewards, based on their respective allocs.

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